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Upper airway hypersensitivity

Have suffered with asthma for several years but I also seem to suffer with hypersensitive upper airways. Sometimes just swallowing my saliva if it goes down wrong way, i seem to develop a stridor and unable to get air in. The feeling of panic is awful, I am unable to use my ventolin at that time as can't seem to get a decent breathe in! It maybe only lasts a minute before it starts to settle! But I am starting to feel worried! Does anyone else have this problem?

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Hi yea I get that a lot or food goes down the wrong way anything like that it's horrible and can b quiet scary at times


Get that with bread particularly. Just got to stay calm and have a drink.


Could it be your vocal chords I think you need to call the docs or the asthma nurse ♥♥♥


This happens to me but I just go through the coughing about but it is a bit frightening as your breathing changes I try and have a drink when I think it as settle down


Hi, I've had problems over the last month with my vocal chords spasming & strider especially when I cough.

The vocal chords can be irritated by inhalers/ nebs and gastric reflux: gargle after inhaled medications & treat any reflux to help prevent it.

When it happens I found the following advice useful: remind yourself it will pass

very quickly, try to relax shoulders and body (I sometimes direct all my tension into one fist, let it clench something& relax the rest of my body), try to breathe in slowly through your nose (breathing in fast causes more spasm), apparently tilting your head slightly upwards helps prevent vocal cord spasm. Having a drink sometimes also helps.

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I find this, but once I am calm, a drink of full-fat-milk seems to settle things.


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