Asthma or Heart Problem

Hi, I just wondered if anyone on here has been diagnosed with Asthma when actually they have a heart problem. I have been diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma and have tried 4 different inhalers now - none seem to help get rid of my breathlessness or cough but my peak flow readings are fine. I have gone to have an ECG yesterday and am waiting on the results but there is a history of heart problems in my family. I'm worried as the last few weeks I have been exhausted and seem to have a cough regardless of whether it has been caused after exercise or not. I had an ECG where you stay still but I wondered if I should have a stress test one where you exercise. I am not too familiar with heart problems but I just wondered if anyone has had the same or similar experience to me and whether asthma was not the issue? Also wondering how my breathing issues and cough can go away as my inhalers aren't working. I had a chest x ray which came back normal so have no chest infection. Due to see a chest specialist if my ECG comes back normal. If the ECG is fine I have no idea why inhalers aren't helping me as I'm sure it would be either lung or heart related.

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  • Never had heart problems, but am having a lot of problems with my vocal chords, it seems as if they can throw up some of the same problems as asthma, I.e. breathlessness tired and coughing, don't know if this helps take care ♥♥♥

  • It could be vocal cord dysfunction as inhalers do not help this but it gives you a cough and breathlessness.

  • Hi everyone, thanks for the replies...turns out there was an abnormality on my ECG so I am being referred to a heart specialist to take some pictures of my heart. God knows what's wrong but something feels not right.

  • Try not to worry. Similar happened to me two years ago. Had an abnormal ECG and had a heart scan. Had an arrythmia which is now fixed and my breathing is now fine. Back to my usual level of asthma. Hope heart specialist sorts you out soon.

  • Hiya, thanks for your reply. Hopefully I can have a similar outcome to you. I'm more hoping that they find out what the problem is so I can resolve it I guess :)

  • Check your breathlessness is not down to low or deficient iron.

    Low iron = low oxygen = breathlessness.

  • Thanks coastwalker I will keep that in mind though I do eat foods that have iron in them and have always had high iron levels when I have given blood in the past. I will see how things go with the cardiologist and report back on here.

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