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Preds and sugar cravings

I've been on preds for a fair few months now, mostly at 40mg with a few unsuccessful attempts to wean down.

They make me slightly crazy and anxious and I am learning to deal with the mood swings. My question is does anyone else find they get really bad sugar or salty food cravings? If you do how do you deal with them? it will get to the point where it's all I can think about.

With everything going on in my chest i can't exercise as much as I would have usually done at the moment (which is depressing in its self) so I'm scared of putting on more weight. I've tried eating fruit or veg or even protein when i have a craving or chewing sugar free gum or sucking mints. But nothing gets rid of it. Even if I'm completely full my body will still ask for it (if that makes sense).

I've been finding it hard to adjust to my asthma being as bad as it is at the moment and it sounds pathetic but spending nearly all day everyday fighting these cravings or giving into them and feeling guilty is just not helping. I feel like I'm loosing my mind

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I'm 62 -I've been on steroids for 50 years - they have saved my life but chronic long term side effects have damaged organs bone density etc etc

But / YES THE VERY FIRST SERIOUS SIDE EFFECT IS APITITE. IT TOOK ME A YEAR TO BEAT THE CRAVE so I eat to much - put on weight - But the second year - New Years Eve - I decided to best it - I had a session with a dietitian

And agreed a daily calerie amount - And I have stuck to it - I have seen friends balloon and die

That kept my motivation up

Try now to slowly get control of this - good luck - john

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Hi, i totally sympathise with your cravings. I have had severe brittle asthma all my life and i am on a maintenance dose of Prednisolone and regularly have to increase to 60mg until under control etc..Prednisolone is not nice..fact.. but if we need it, then we need it. The cravings can be overwhelming..but they can be controlled. I try to be strict with myself. I tell myself over and over that it is the steroids sparking the craving only, and not me. I had to train my thoughts as these cravings really are over powering aren't they. Try and have foods ready in the house that are low in sugar and also salt. The salty products will hang onto fluid in your body, which will increase the bloating effect that steroids are famous for. I tell myself that if i need to have something, have weetabix or another low sugar/salt cereal. Or, low salt bread sticks..i know its not sugary but it may trick your brain..rather than reaching for a sugar product..there are lots of low sugar/salt products out there that you can have in the cupboard ready..Drink loads of water, maybe with a thin slice of lime in, it helped me to loose some of the bloating. The cravings wont go immediately but when it gets really bad hit the lower sugar/salt snacks. Hang in there, you will find your own path with this are not alone with this and i really do understand how dreadful these

cravings can be..Helen x


Thank you I'm so glad I'm not going crazy! It's starting to rule my life it's just constant.



I can totally sympathise with you on the cravings .I have been on off steroids for the last year .My appetite was unreal .I would have eaten the table lol I was so hungry !!.

At one point I was putting a pound on a day . Steroids made me jittery and really unwell .I put on a couple of stone .

I have taken control now joined slimming world and have lost just over a stone so far .I have tho just come down with another chest infection so my ashma crap again .Have antibiotics which are not working and was also given steroids which I've not taken yet as I can't deal with the horrible side affects .

I may well have to take them but can now control my cravings I think lol

Good luck and take care


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Yep, the specialist told me to put a lock on the fridge LOL. However, I have found that bananas left to go a bit brown then frozen are great for making iCE cream . You can add other frozen fruit to it too. Diabetic husband loves it too. Also, a frozen banana in milk (any kind, I use soya milk) with a t@blespoon of cocoa powder (not drinking choc) makes a delicious choc milk shake! Very yummy.

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Thank you for all the replies. It's good to know you're not alone.

I was using the slimming world plan when I realised I wasn't going to be able to come off the steroids easily, as they have the unlimited foods things that you can eat as much as you like, so it helped combat the hunger a bit better without making me gain weight. And it worked. I didn't exactly loose like you should on slimming world but I didn't gain.

It's just since my big attack two weeks ago the sugar cravings are just insane I have never had anything like it. Literally spend my whole day everyday fighting it at the moment. It's kind of stressful!


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