Spacer - love it!

I've had asthma for 20 years but have only just been offered a spacer - I think it's wonderful and can't believe it wasn't offered earlier! Before I would feel that I never breathed deeply enough to inhale the whole dose in one breath - and would have to breath in so hard to overcompensate. Now I find it quite relaxing breathing it in at my own pace. If you haven't been offered one before do ask your GP as it must be cheap enough (it's just a piece of plastic essentially) and I've found it's really made a difference.

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  • Good morning Sdan4 I read on here some while ago that spacers helped. Before that it was knocking me for 6 trying to puff correctly now I puff quite happily when I asked my gp for one he immediately prescribed it, mind you I am very lucky my gp is very good. Happy puffing :-) :-) :-)

  • Hi I was diagnosed with asthma last summer and given the spacer straight away. Friends who had had asthma for years laughed and said it was just for kids but I love it. I only use it for my Clenil inhaler as it is a pain to carry around with the ventolin inhaler. I really feel like I get my full dose with the spacer, without it it feels like half the dose is coated on my tongue and throat.

  • I was diagnosed with asthma four years ago. I wasn't given a spacer but an AeroChamber. This works the same way as a spacer but is a lot smaller. It is used with my Serovent preventer inhaler. The Qvar, (also preventer), and Salamol reliever are both Easi-Breathe versions so don't need it.

  • I randomly decided to start using a spacer about 2 years ago and just bought one off the internet. Decided i liked it so next time i saw my GP he prescribed me another. Apparently you're entitled to a new one at least every 12 months too. I was actually sent to see a respiratory pharmacist as well and he told me to do 'tidal breathing' with my spacer. This is basically 3 normal breaths in and out - in through the mouthm out through the nose, he said this is more effective than trying to get the whole dose in one breath.

  • If your GP will not prescribe one , you can buy them on-line for about £10.

  • First diagnosed, folk on Asthma UK pointed me in direction of spacer. Asthma nurse and doctor never mentioned it.

  • Ps Volumatic spacer is bulky to carry around but a marvel if taking a breath isn't easy. Like when nose is stuffed up.

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