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Flare-ups recovery

i get ease of mind posting on this forum.

The 1st sign of any major problems was one month ago, sadly on my birthday when I climbed up two flights of stairs and was struggling to breath and my heart was pounding. Shock me up horribly. that was the 27th August having said that I did notice my daily routines were getting progressively harder and my chest was tight constantly.

The Cardio consultant told me to get the asthma under control and my condition should improve. thing is i am only 24 and was very active before all this started so you can understand its very frustrating for me.

So i saw a nurse in the asthma clinic as soon as possible which was 3 days after the consultation, but the only thing she done was a peak flow which was about 80%. Thing is I am fine whilst sitting down, laying down. I was thinking I should of gotten a test to get a scan of my lungs or something. however she just gave me a brown inhaler and told me it will help with the inflammation. but I was grateful for anything that might help. My blue inhaler does not seem to do anything other then increase my resting heart rate.

Considering I have been suffering for over a month could anyone tell me roughly how long it will take for me to recover solely using a brown pump. I have been using it since Monday. started with only one puff twice a day on the 1st couple day because i stupidly didn't read the labeling properly. rang my gp and was told to increase my dosage to 4 times twice a day for a while then slowly reduce it over time.

I am feeling better as the days go on but I feel maybe I am just being impatient considering my lungs have probably been suffering for a good 5 weeks.

Any input would be greatly appreciated

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Hi there, welcome & sorry to hear that you are having problems.

The simplest part of your query is that brown inhalers are cumulative, so they build up a resistance over time. If you say you are feeling better as days go on that is probably your sign that things are on the mend.

If you are taking 8 x 100mcg doses a day that's a relatively high dose but as you say they may drop it over time.

What I'm afraid I don't know anything about is the heart/cardio issues so I'll have to see if more knowledgeable people come along. I know that I often get rapid/strong heartbeats but I guess that's not quite the same thing. However, as a standalone issue I hope that the inhalers start to work for you soon.


Totally agree. The preventive does take a while and it is essential that you carry on with it even when you feel better. Hopefully you will not need the ventolin so much as that can make the heart go faster.


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