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My former, retired GP

Now well into his 80s. After qualifying in early 1950s, went to Korea as an Army Doctor, during Korean War. After leaving Army in 1955, became a GP and my GP, when I was seven. Was very ill, and had there 4 week stays in an Obseration Ward at Harefield Hospital, each pollen season.1957 to 1959.

To cut a long story shut, this GP really took a personal interest in me, up on till retirement at 60. Great GP, often brusque with time wasters, but always made time for genuinely il.

Meet him at a funeral 3 months ago. First typical response, "Mg god, Kevin, you are still alive."

Turned to his wife and told her that when he first became my GP, he was very concerned about my survival. Now I've made pension age, 65, so you could understand his comment.

Great GP, good to converse with, liked by many, detested by some, didn't suffer fools, who would not help their health management nor timewasters.

Definitely NOT PC, and why should we!

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