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my name is samatha scott aged 30 2010 my world changed i wake up and couldnt get my breath i through this is it im going to die and i was engaged to be married all my dreams on hold how would my parents cope you dont think its asthma i was so relived when i found out but scared as well but i knew i have to change my lifestyle lose weight and now at thirty yrs old i am married no one tells you the signs or what to look out for or how it may start more people need to know i have two insharlers white and blue sometimes i get out of breath but i manage to work up stairs and have a normal life some people are faced with worst things life

thank you for listening i hope it makes sense

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Yes it makes sense. Welcome to the site. Hope you are doing OK at the moment?

Take care




thank you yes i am fine at the moment i am hoping to move to ground floor flat so i dont have to climb stairs anymore thank you very much its a apprectied


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