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Short of breath in morning

[I have been off my Beclometasone dipropionate 200mcg for a couple of months and manage reasonably well with my Ventolin (salbutamol).nnI have noticed I wake up feeling short of breath, I have to deliberately take deep breaths until the feeling goes away.nnWhen this happens I am not wheezy (well not a lot) but do have a what I can only describe as a ""tight"" chest. nnTwo puffs of Ventolin seems to sort it out, eventually. nnMaybe I should start the Beclometasone dipropionate again? I will have to anyway before winter because that's when I suffer the most.nnAny observations? Does anyone else get this? nnI read a bit about ""silent"" asthma, and I have to say mine tends to be silentish until I get an infection and then it's like a set of bagpipes!nnW

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I was told by my asthma nurse that if you use your salbutamol more than 4-6 times a week your asthma is not under control. I would never stop my preventative unless the doctor told me to. I suggest you go back to your doctor or asthma nurse to have an asthma check.


I agree with Karjade; if you are needing to take ventolin on a regular basis your asthma is not being controlled effectively by the regime you are currently using.

A tight chest in the morning is one of the early warning signs for me that the amount of preventer medication I am using (which does have a seasonal variation although I have never been able to come off it) is not quite enough to control my asthma. I rarely need to take ventolin at all, having to do so regularly would mean booking an urgent appointment to see the doctor.

Like Karjade, I think you need to see your GP to have your asthma checked, and I would recommend that you discuss with him/her what you have been doing.

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I have been told never to come off my preventer and to take the stated dose - which at times can be "upped" when ill. More important to keep the ventolin to a minimum. Ask your Doc. Quite often we are more breathless in the morning but on rising and moving this should go - it does with me as very often I do forget my inhaler in the morning.


I know, I know..... I thought it would be nice to "get off" at least one of my medications, I have various other ailments that all require drugs of some sort.

T2 Diabetic, Eczema, hypertension, gout, Gerd, to name a few.

I will start the Beclometasone dipropionate 200mcg again, I always knew I would need to as my asthma always gets worse in the cold and damp English winter.



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