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My daughter was refused Asthma treatment

Hi all,

First post so here goes.

My daughter suffers with Asthma and she uses the preventative brown inhaler via a chamber in the morning and carries the blue inhaler around with her.

Now my question is a simple one. She is a keen swimmer and is competing at regional level currently. She has coaching around 3 times a week and was surprised that she came back one day and informed us that her coach refused her the blue inhaler when she short of breath.

The day after the incident she was taken to the doctors and had to take a course of treatment for a breathing issue related to the Asthma.

Now I thought that as the coach they are bound by child protection and she being in his care at the time they have a duty to safeguard her wellbeing. Can anyone confirm this please ?


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I suggest you ask the coach why he refused to allow her to use the inhaler? If she is competing at regional level there might be issues with what are known as 'performance enhancing' drugs which might explain this. If it is that, then there will certainly be a solution; there are a number of top level athletes (swimmers included) who are asthmatic. Whatever the reason you really do need to discuss this with him. The last thing your daughter needs is to lose her confidence in the pool because she is worried her asthma might play up.


Hi Maggie,

I don't believe it's to do with performance enhancing as a different coach the week after was fine letting her take it when she had issues that day.

I have also been informed because she had it in her locker the coach denied her access to it.



Hi Ivan,

I still think you need to discuss this with the coach in question. It may come down to nothing more than a misunderstanding. Talk to him.


Hmm, was the locker concerned poolside or would it have meant going back to the changing room? If the latter then there is an important lesson here for your daughter: she should keep her inhaler where she can access it quickly just in case she has an attack. From a health and safety point of view I would say she needs to have it poolside.

Is this coach part of the regional coaching squad, or is he a club coach? Either way, get in touch with whoever is in charge of the training scheme and ask what their policy is concerning inhalers for asthma


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