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Worried, rude doctor, anxiety?

Hi, felt I had to post here today as I could really do with some advice. In January this year, I was having a bit of difficulty breathing when it was very cold or windy, I have to walk about 40 minutes to work everyday so I know I'm not unfit, the right feeling in my chest and breathlessness were very unusual for me. Then the symptoms went away for a few months now for a few weeks I have been experiencing them again when exercising but also early in the morning and sometimes in the night. I do also suffer from mild hay fever. I went to see GP today and explained my worries. He was very dismissive of me. He checked my heart rate and said it was quite fast and I told him I was a bit anxious as I don't usually go to docs so was a bit worried. From that point on he checked my chest and said there was nothing wrong with me, he said it was probably all because I'm anxious. I then told him I'm not anxious all the time so why would it be causing my symptoms? He then made me do a peak flow test (i believe) but he didn't even look at the results. I told him I have also had minor wheezing on a couple of occasions to which he responded with ""a lot of people think they wheeze but they are wrong"" he then told me the appointment was over. I don't know what to do, I'm not saying I have asthma and I don't have symptoms all the time but I feel disappointed in the doctor and am now confused. Any advice?? Sorry for this rambling post. Gem.

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Suggest you go and ask to see a different doctor. You may ,or may not,have asthma but it should be checked out properly.


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