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Raising money for Asthma research!

I hope to raise at least £1,800 for Asthma UK so I can run for their charity in the London 2016 marathon! I hope to do this buy selling one of a kind asthma t-shirts designed by me. All proceedings/money made of sold t-shirts will 100% be going to the charity Asthma UK. This money is put towards the research to finding a cure for asthma. More information is listed below:

Dr Henry McSorley is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Immunology and Infection Research, University of Edinburgh. As part of his Asthma UK Fellowship, he’ll be looking at whether parasites could hold the key to curing allergic asthma.

Over the last hundred years, parasitic infections have become rare in the developed world, while asthma has become far more common. On the other hand, in populations where parasitic worm infection is still common, such as in Africa and South America, the rate of asthma is low.Dr McSorley aims to discover whether proteins isolated from parasitic worms could be developed into new medicines to treat allergic asthma – and even prevent it from developing in the first place. Dr McSorley explained: ""As the immune system has the capacity to ‘remember’ what the appropriate response to a particular protein is, this could result in a long-term protective effect against asthma where no other treatments are needed.""

""You could help to make these treatments a reality by giving to Asthma UK today.""


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