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Clear chest

My asthma is always a bit of b**ch to control but the last month and a half it has been a night mare. 2 hospital admissions and frequent drs trips. I have to take my ventolin through a spacer constantly now. I can't even put a number on how often I take it because it is just all the time. I sound constantly like I'm out of breath and just walking is exhausting. I haven't got an chest infection and my chest sounds clear.

My sats are up and down but don't seem to correlate with my breathing. My peak flow is usually 350ish it's not got past 200 in the last month or so.

I'm just at a loss, because my chest is clear other than giving me the spacer and just keeping me on preds and increasing my symbicort to the max the Drs don't seem to be able to do anything else. But I'm not improving.

It's just so frustrating my chest muscles keep spasming (or that's what the Drs said) because they are working so hard and i ache all over. I feel so tired I would do anything to feel better.

Anyway this has turned into a moan sorry has anyone else been here? Is there anything you can recommend? I know my gp and the consultant at the hospital are trying but there must be something else that can be done?? It's like because my chest is clear they don't really know what to say. My life is on hold my children are missing their mum being normal and I teach at seniors school so coming upto GCSE exams season i need to be in work!!

I take montuklast and omeprzole as well.

I sometimes feel like I'm going crazy because I should be able to just breathe!!




Ps sorry this sounds a bit whingy

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Hi, I can't offer much advice but has there been any mention of taking antibiotics, even if your chest sounds clear? I also have asthma that can be difficult to get under control and usually if it doesn't clear up after a week or so on eight pred a day I take an antibiotic. My chest ALWAYS sounds clear, even during an asthma attack there's very little rattle. Luckily my doctor is very understanding. How many steriods are you taking? Do you have a nebuliser? I know it's almost impossible, also a teacher and mummy to a 2 yr old, but rest really does help if you can.

Take care x



Thank you I am going to have to go back to the drs tomorrow so I will ask about the antibiotic I would do anything now if it might work!

Thank you so glad I'm not actually going crazy. It's like as soon as they hear my chest is clear they get a bit dismissive.




Totally understand. I've been told on a number of occasions that I don't have asthma because my chest sounds clear, even when peak flow drops from 530 to 400. I'd have gone crazy if it wasn't for my doctor. My last episode started with an asthma attack and lasted over a month. I know it may have got better sooner if I'd have had the chance to take it easy. I hope your visit to the docs is successful! Good luck


I got an antibiotic so hope that helps!! Thanks for the tip:-)


hi i am quiet new to asthma i got diagnosed friday and may have had it a year before . i have had this for a week exactly what you said the whole clear chest and went to the doctors and have a low pulse and my chest clear but have been given oral steroids and antibiotics and need see my asthma nurse in a week to discuss my pumps. i am here if need advice as i left it to late got really ill low peak and cold feet please don't do the same x hope you feel better soon and good luck x


Hi, glad they gave you an antibiotic. Guess you'll know in day or so if it's working. Best of luck and, I'm sure you know this, but if you feel it's helping but hasn't cleared up completely by the time the course ends go get some more :)




Hope your starting to get some improvement.

I've just had my first hospital admission with asthma & seen thie joy of confusing all the doctors because I don't wheeze. You can be having an asthma attack/exacerbation without wheeze - you very clearly are if your Sats are dropping & your peak flow is low.

I have just decided that I am going to print out the British thoracic society guidelines (which state that you can have asthma without wheeze!) & carry them with me to hospital/the GP, keeping them with the asthma plan so that it doesn't delay treatment again!

It sounds like the options left to try (under your doctors supervision) are increasing symbiotic up to 5 puffs morning & 5 puffs in the evening, trying theophylline, or trying an inhaled muscarinic antagonist, or an oral beta agonist - but only your doctor can tell whether or not those options are suitable for you. If those don't work, they can try 'biological' treatments.

Hope it begins to settle for you!


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