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Bedding, vacuuum

Do folk have recommendations for anti-mite covers, quilts etc ?

I've found that I can relieve wheezing and rhinitis by just buying a new cheapo duvet. What covers work best in your experience ?

I try to use high thread count cotton covers when I can, I think they are barriers to dust mite feces from about 290 thread count upwards.

I also use a plastic type slip on mattress cover but wonder if I would be better off with a complete zip up cover made from high thread count cotton ?

Also- recommendations for vacuum cleaners ? I understand that if a filter is not good enough then ultra fine particles will be blown through it and into the room you are trying to clean.

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Even if the Vacuum cleaner has a perfect filter the air it blows out is going to disturb the dust and circulate it in the room. I put the cleaner outside the house door and use a 6 metre extension hose to reach the rooms.


I do vacuum my mattress and quilt and pillow and found it does make a difference, I used to use a Dyson but now have a vax models with dust and pet hair filters.

I also used to use a cover on the mattress this appeared to make no difference.

The biggest improvements to my asthma happened when I got rid of my carpets and cloth sofa. I still have carpet on my stairs and in my eldest sons bedroom, every other room is floorboards or tiles.

I did this about 10 years ago, since then I have barely had an asthma attack.

i dust with a damp cloth but even when the dust builds up on the floors it doesnt trigger my asthma.


That's interesting because sometimes I vacuumed my mattress but never really believe it would do much because the bugs lurk deep inside it. I use a hoover upright with a HEPA filter.

I've found that high thread count duvet cover works, and a mattress cover.

However duvets advertised as hypo allergenic don't seem to make a difference - after a few weeks they start giving me rhinitis if I don't use a cover. The good side is that synthetic quilts are super cheap at my local ASDA - cheaper to buy new than to wash it.

For my bedroom I have bare board and a non fitted rug/carpet. I never fancied just bare boards because you can see through the gaps to over a hundred years of accumulated dust below - don't want that crap floating up into the room !


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