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Is it normal when you wash spacers, especially those used for preventer inhalers that a film stays on the insid of the tube? I've not beeb using spacers for long so not got into the habit of washing them regularly. I did it today and there's still what looks like a powdery film on the inside. It says not to rub, just to slosh them in the soapy water then leave to air dry. Is this film normal?

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  • I get the same , so must be pretty common .

  • Me too! ? Sue

  • I use warm water and lakeland sterling powder and find it gets rid of the film. Milton also gets rid of the film. Make sure you rinse them really well. I have found this works since 2007.

  • I have been using my first spacer for about 6 wks my pharmacist told me to give it a good wash as when they are new there is a film on them have cleaned several times but like you it remains a little but reading the other posts it seems normal

  • Thanks guys, at least it's normal

    loulou, when you say Milton fluid gets rid of the film - do you wash it as normal in the soapy water first or just use Milton solution? I'd like to get rid of the film if possible, as long as the spacer still works as good as it should

  • I rinse my spacer with warm water then put it in a bowl of hand hot eater Milton for about 1/2 hour then rinse really well this works with detol and i do the same with my nebulisers mask but only use detol.

  • thanks loulou, might try that next washing day

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