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should I go back on my preventer?

I stopped taking my symbicort at the end of september as I'd gone on hoiday and forgotten to pack it and as I've not needed to use any inhalers for a few months I decided to stay off it. I've felt no real change at all for the first few weeks but I have been tracking my peak flows. My peak flow is normally 420 to 450 and it stayed almost perfectly in this zone until last week when it dropped for a number of days and I developed an infrequent but nasty dry 'whooooo' noise cough. (is it a wheeze??? I dont know) The lowest it dropped was 350 on one day mid week but I avoided using any inhalers and just toughed it out the next day it went back up to 380, then 400 the next and today back to normal and the cough has pretty much gone. Was it just a wee cold and completely normal or should I go back on my preventer or speak to my nurse?

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I am no expert as im new to all this ....BUT the asthma nurse and my Doctor always stress , no matter how well im feeling never stop the preventer .


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