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Sixty-years ago there had been no forums for victims of asthma to discuss their respective sufferings or to exchange information. Sixty-years ago, the NHS had sent asthma victims to such places as the Isle-of-Wight for convalescence. My father had been one of them and he had suffered no asthma attacks whilst on the island and I specifically recall the reasons for him being sent there. This is all related to the past.

Presently, there are endless methods od combat being advocated against asthma including a huge range of medication. However, the numbers of people that are diagnosed as suffering from asthma continues to rise globally and I attribute this .to increasing atmospheric air pollution.

My father did not die aged just 47-years because he had been asthmatic. Instead, he died because he became a victim of pneumonia according to my recollections.

In Scotland, there are thousands of people suffering from asthma attacks and many are just small children who know not why they are unable to breathe.

. I am seventy-years-old and do know why I am unable to breathe normally. I would therefore like others who suffer from respiratory disorders to understand why they are ill and what the methods od combat are. Sixty-years ago, the UK NHS had known all methods of combat against asthma but those in positions of power and influence in those days are now dead and the new staff are poorly educated.


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