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Hi all im really concerned n uncertain what to do. I have been scheduled for broncoscopy on Thursday as my brittle adthma is not controlled. They will be looking for pollyps in trachea n checking voice box. I fnd this insulting as had the voice box thing checked do many times and alaleats come back clear. My concern is I on max treatments stress off 55 to be 50 tomorrow after Vern on constantly since august last year varying from 40 to 80 each time it goes below forty I in icu. My worry is due to all meds if my test are normal will they each hands with me,, my lung function tests all come back sAying severe asthma had five or six admissions dance august kart year three or four of them ended up in icu . Dr says he not doubting me n he doesn't expect to find anything but still feel uneasy. Help or advice would be highly welcomed

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