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Looking for support from other parents of asthmatic children?

Hi everyone!

Myself and 2 friends have created a new Facebook Group ""Child with Asthma - Parents Support Group UK"".

We have come together to create this group as we are all parents with an asthmatic child, all suffering in a different way. We've all had varying struggles with the NHS, with family and friends not always understanding and with difficulties getting medication right, and just need someone who understands to talk to, rant or ask for a virtual hug!

We are not medically trained so cannot give medical advice, however we can share our experiences, frustrations, worries and offer hugs and lots of support!

If you feel you would benefit from this group, please feel free to search us on Facebook and request to join.

We look forward to chatting to you all. Xx

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Great idea, good luck with it.


Hi Eviesmummy

Just searched and can't find you on FB!

Any ideas?

Hi Angivere not heard from you for a while!



I can't find you either - you are welcome to post a link to your FB group here.

It also seems like as good a time as any to post this too:


Sorry the link is below.

It's a new group so not very busy at the moment but working on getting new members now.



Can you only be parent or with asthma?


is this group still active - im trying to seach but I cant find it - its prob me - can you help!!



Thanks for setting this up have requested to join.


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