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Hi All,

I had an interesting difficult asthma clinic visit yesterday whereby my consultant said I now don't have asthma! He did clarify this by saying I have Inflammatory Airway Disease caused by repeated infections. He did say that the treatment was pretty much the same (I take Symbicort/Spiriva/Phylocontin and sometimes Pred) and as far as most people are concerned it IS asthma (he said he needed to label my condition as asthma so I get the right treatment). I'm still under his care but I do feel like I shouldn't be a part of this site anymore. :(

I have found this site to be very helpful though.

Has anyone else been told something similar?

I am still slightly confused as I do get tight chested when I encounter smoke, strong perfume and very high pollen counts so who knows, maybe I do still have the allergic part of asthma, just not as much as I used to.



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yes, of course you are still welcome here!!



Dont worry! I had worse than that! Once I was feeling terrible just couldnt breathe nor do anything so i woke my roommate up who rang the ambulance. The paramedics said I am fine but they still took me to hospital saying she is just having a panic attack!? But at the hospital ended up in intensive care for a few days then when I saw the cons she was questioning whether I had an asthma attack or not? Sometimes I think people just dont know anything or want to annoy me.

One of my worst experiences was when i went to a and e got sent home with steroids and as soon as i got home ended up in hospital in intensive care ?. Could have avoided it but this is what happened. Unfortunately keeps happening too?. People dont recognize when i am getting worse and treat it and finish. They wait till i am on the edge of things.

But dont worry i had asthma since a child and i have the brittle type so its definitely asthma with the most severe attacks but the docs still question my asthma! Had it for over 15 years! With the most typical symptoms!

Hope this helps! And the brittle bit is just meaning not controlled at all but you can get rid of it as i did when i was younger but came back again another bad patch ?


Of course you can still use this site. Me and my son been through similar. The trouble is Brittle/Difficult/Uncontrolled asthma is not common and even doctors struggle with it.


Always welcome. Keep posting James .... lol glynis


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