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How long does it usually take to get. Over a bad attack?

Hi, last week I knew I was getting yet another chest infection felt really yuck but battled on as I was afraid to stay off work.

Last Tuesday I went to Drs after work, was immediately put on a nebuliser while dr decided wether I was a blue light ambulance ride to hospital. To this point I was still insisting I was ok haha. After a while I settled a bit and my partner took me to hospital.

I still thought I'd be home that night but ended up having a 5 night stay! Heart rate, pulse etc all over the place. I feel better now that I am home but feel very tired, exhausted and breathless doing small things like walking the stairs for the bathroom.

I was just wondering when breathing will stop being hard work, I know I still feel like it's an effort to breathe. Drs are sorting me a letter for a percentage off my own nebuliser to make this easier....... And I know feeling anxious as I am home alone is not helping matters.

Lisa x

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I don't know that anyone can say exactly how long it will take, but it think you need to give your body plenty of time to recover. When I had a bad attack I was knocked out for 10 days, couldn't talk without getting breathless for the first 5 and had problems with the stairs for 10, and it doesn't sound as if I was as ill as you have been.

Take plenty of time to rest and hope you feel better soon.


Thank you for your reply, I'm beginning to regret pushing to get out of hospital to be honest. Been resting as not much else I can do, my right lung really aches at the back and horrid stabbing pain when I breathe at front but feel as if I'm winded when walking, I think I will ring the dr tomorrow as feeling worse not better, might just be having an off day.




I had my first of many serious attacks on the 13th April, was hospitalised for a total of 6 weeks. Still to this day i am still struggling, some days i cnnot make the stairs without needing my inhaler, feeling tired most of the time too. I was advised it could take months for the swelling in my lungs to go down. I am on large doses of both oral and inhaled medication, as well as steroids. It will get easier though!

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I went back to the dr and he extended doxycycline by 3 days, upped steroids back to 8 a day and to continue for another week of those. Dr said might need to do another sputum test if things don't improve. All together I've took doxycycline for 11 days now and still coughing up purulent looking sputum (looks the same as many of my other samples I've handed over in the past few months).

Feeling worn out and fed up, ache in back right lung area, pain when breathing I really don't understand how I can go from being fit and healthy 2 years ago to this!

Sorry for having a bit of a moan

Lisa x


Its not moaning, you heed to talk about it. I ended back at drs on friday, had to have two nebulisers before i eventually stopped being brethless and wheezing. I feel a nucence at the moment back and forward to drs and hospital, but keep being reassured that i need to keep going. I also have not had a serious attack in 5 years and i am now on so many inhalers and tablets its unbelievable.


Me again!

I have finished 11 days of doxycycline and Dr wants me to take more antibiotics while we wait for results of today's sputum test, he spoke about my severe asthma then mentioned brittle asthma? He said rest and continue steroids 8 a day for 2 more days and then need to taper them to see how I cope plus keep taking pain killers. Continue using blue reliever as and when, not to worry if I don't average on 4 hours between use and continue with nebuliser on the understanding that if I feel like struggling I need to ring him or visit hospital.

It is the first time anyone has mentioned severe or brittle asthma to me. My consultant still trying to decide if it's asthma & Copd or Asthma & Bronchiectasis which I told dr this, he said I need to write things down, including what's been happening the last 2 weeks, hospital stay etc in case the consultant is not aware of recent events and have a good chat to him when I see him on the 29th July.

Feeling a bit confused about the terms severe and brittle asthma? Guess I just have to wait and take each day as it comes and rest.

Lisa x


Hi !

Hope you feel better soon! I had an attack last december and since then before getting back to normal from what i call as the zombie mood i end up having another attack ? so not getting anywhere . Been in and out of hospital until now its about 20 x for 2014. Something just gone wrong.

But its good to hear that your getting a nebulizer. For me the doc said that I shouldnt have one saying should be in hospital if i need to use it ? not happy with their decision! Had one as a child too but now they dont want to give it to me .

Hope you get better



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