Has anybody got any ideas?

Morning all.

I've been swimming before work every morning for the last 8 years and I feel that I have benefitted a lot from doing this. However, over the last few weeks one of those nasty automatic air fresheners has been introduced to the locker rooms. It sprays a foul smelling 'perfume' every 20 minutes and as there is no air conditioning or other ventilation the result is that I walk into the building and my lungs go on strike. I have discussed this with the manager and it appears that the air fresheners are an attempt to mask the smell of the drains, which have been a problem for the last 8 years. My position is that they woudl be better to fix the drains but that is too expensive so, after some negotiation, it has been agreed that the evil machine will be removed from the ladies locker room on Sunday evening and replaced again after I have left on Friday morning and I appreciate the gesture. However, it isn't working very well. I'm coughing and my peak flow is falling steadily and I'm getting more depressed and miserable about the whole thing.

I don't want to stop having my swim so I thought that maybe I could find an air freshener that doesn't use chemicals that would set off the asthma but would still have enough fragrance to mask the smell from the drains - possibly something that uses menthol/eucaluptus oil?

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas I'd be very grateful - I'm willing to try anything!



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  • Sadly I have no ideas, but you are not alone with that problem.

    Are there alternative locker rooms/showers that you could use like the disabled one or elsewhere? For me, something like menthol or eucalyptus oil would still be as bad...

  • Hello Annie,

    Hello Annie,

    Sorry for my late response. I had originally put a post on the forum, regarding an Air and Room cleaning system from Hyla. My girlfriend is an Asthma sufferer, and after looking around for a suitable device that would clean the air and carpet etc (to get rid of dust/ cooking smells etc) the Hyla suited us and was a great investment, as my girlfriend is not suffering and can breathe with ease, and not coughing every minute. We bought the Hyla GST and the Water Air Freshener……you won’t need to change bags/ filters etc all you need to do is empty the water (hassle free). You can find the information on hyla.org.uk I am so passionate about the Hyla, my friends and family are hooked now, and purchased Hyla’s.

    I hope you find your solution, and if you need any further information feel free to contact me or Hyla directly



  • David are you a member of the company or do you benefit from sales...? Seems an odd thing to recommend, when the issue isn't with her home, but with a brief change in a public swimming pool....

  • Hi Nurse Furby,

    Thankyou for your message.

    Im actually neither of those, otherwise i would be replying to lots of blogs promoting the product.. I am just passionate about my Hyla system, and like to help people. (Perhaps the swimming pool should invest)!

    Have a great weekend



  • Lol, maybe they should, I detest the smell of swimming pools! You too, I'm engrossed in Wimbledon ;)

  • Thanks for all the replies. The pool manager has agreed that if I can find an air freshener that I can live with she will use it in place of the one she has, so I'm doing some research now, and will certainly look at Hyla. In the meantime, I've seen a new nurse practitioner at my surgery who has, for once, been remarkably helpful - the shock was almost too much for me :)

    So, a change in medication is helping and I'm managing 20 minutes swim a day but Im not overly confident and will feel happier when (if) I can get the air freshener changed. or someone can sort the drains out (not much hope of that!).

    Thanks again.


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