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Saying ""hello

Hi there, just found this site. I am into week 3 of admission to hospital after multiple, worsening admissions. I have brittle asthma, not sure if type - or 2 yet, but thjngs are crawling forwards here still with regards to improvement, and I'm losing hope.

I am currently on hydrocortisone bd via a midline, terbutaline sub cut pump and Mycophenolate Mofetil. When used all together, I am functioning (of sorts), able to walk to the bathroom, wash, talk in sentences, but the problem is reducing either the pump or the hydrocortisone leads to dramatic worsening of symptoms.

To be frank, I'm scared I will have to remain like this, admitted, growing rapidly rounder every day.

I am also experiencing allergic reactions to medications, plasters, the butterflies for the subcutaneous etc etc.

I have children at home, and cannot sustain life like this.

Any words of support/thought/ sharing of situation?

Sorry for the glum post- it's the middle of the night in a crowded hospital ward, and I'm feeling more than a little low.

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Hiya, no words of wisdom but sending hugs!! Also currently captured. Moved from ITU 7 hours ago and trying to not go back as lungs have given up again. Know how you feel hun!! Good luck xx


Hi, Thanks so much for your reply. It's great to not feel on my own. How are you? What's happening with you next? Is this something you are used to? Sending big breathed vibes your way. Xxx.


Sorry to hear you're having a rough time, no advice I'm afraid, but sending positive vibes to you and Laurs xxx


Ah it'll get better hun, sounds as though it's really tough at the minute though for you!! I'm a brittle asthmatic and in and out of hospital a lot at the moment, but team are helping to get sorted. Was very poorly over night, almost going back to ITU. Currently on IV aminophylline. The plan is discharge early next week after a period of being stable over the weekend. Not really where I want to spend my weekend! What are they doing for you? Xx


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