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eating disorder and brittle asthma

Hi guys!

I'm a brittle asthmatic and have been on continuous oral steroids for the last three years. Unsurprisingly, my weight has increased to the point where I am now overweight. I know that the weight gain is entirely due to the steroids - I haven't changed what I eat and in the brief periods when I've managed to wean down to lower doses, I lose weight very quickly. The trouble is that my consultant suggested that I do need to do something about the weight, in part because my blood sugars have been high and in part because it might exacerbate my asthma. He was very sensitive about this, as he knows I have a history of anorexia, which was pretty bad (inpatient twice). I explained that I didn't want to go on a diet, because it might trigger the anorexia and that if I then have a period of low doses of steroids, I might lose too much weight. He suggested that it might be possible to see an eating disorders dietitian and that he could try to refer me. The problem is that I'm not sure they would see me, as I'm not underweight, although I do think that would be the best option, as they would be aware of things like not cutting out food groups etc.

I was wondering if anybody had any ideas about whether the eating disorders people would see me and if not, what else I could try? Exercise is out because my asthma is too bad.

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Hi Salamander,

I would go for it and see if they would see you, the worst thing that could happen was they could say 'no'

And if no luck with them, see a general dietician. At least you may come away with skills for the future. I think the eating disorder dieticians would see you as prevention is going to be their priority.


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