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Persistent Daytime cough that never goes....advice please!

Do any of you suffer from a persistent daytime cough that never goes? My daughter was diagnosed aged 20mths, she's now 3, and has suffered with a cough since 3mths old.

This winter has been her worst yet, she's had Prednisolone 5 times and her Clenil 50 (200mg per day) upped to Clenil 100 (400mg per day) then reduced back down again.

She will have an asthma flare up where she has her choking attacks during the night, be given a course of pred (normally 3-5days), the pred clears the choking attacks up with the help of regular ventolin, but the daytime cough lingers and lingers for the next 2-3weeks then turns into a flare up again. It's just a constant vicious circle of that all the time at the moment. The cough never goes so I know within 2-3 weeks she will be bad again. It's sometimes a dry cough, at the moment it's a loose mucus sounding cough.

Her GP is currently battling with the consultant to get Evie a long acting reliever (seretide or similar), I say it's a battle because its unlicensed for Evie's age!

Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated! Thanks

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