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Antibiotics and Prednisolone


I've got a chest infection and have been given amoxicillin and prednisolone to take to try and sort it out. My lungs are really hurting at the moment.

I've never taken them together before and wondered whether it is common to take both together, it feels like a lot of medication.

Also, sorry but do I take all the prednisolone at once, like six tablets at once? It is a few years since I've had pred and it isn't clear on the box.

Apologies if this is a silly question!

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Hi, don't worry it's quite normal to have antibiotics and pred. it's best to take the pred on a morning after food and all at the same time. X


Thank you Lisa - appreciate the reassurance! I just hope they work :)


hi my asthma as been very good until 2 weeks ago started really heavy breathing in my sleep my hubby told me since then slightest thing like taking medication

you would think i had run 50 miles considering i use a wheelchair saw gp bloods taken put me on penacilline 250mgs & preds 5mg x3 after breakfast.

thers a lot of us with breathing problems at moment. thinking of you all,hope we all improve soon.


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