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Feeling a bit vunerable tonight

HI there,

I'm a severe/brittle cough variant asthmatic, 4 admissions in the last 12 months, last one was just before xmas and was treated in resus/on ITU standby for 24hrs. My lungs have been playing up again this week after a virus and I've been on pred since Monday to try and keep my lungs under control- its been holding things back from full blown exacerbation, but im not brilliant meaning I have the potential to loose control at any time- particularly late at night. Not been great today and cautious of things deteriorating tonight.

What I hadn't realised until late this afternoon, having been out of it all morning, was how bad the weather is. Im 20 miles from my local hospital, on the other side of a large natural harbour and 1 mile from the cliftops (south coast). I basically live on a peninsular of land that can be totally cut off when a couple of roads flood. We have been hit with very heavy rain this afternoon which has flooded most of the main routes on the land side, there are trees going down all over the place and with the winds now picking up we have severe flood warnings for flood surges tonight, which will stop the chain ferry across the harbour mouth and cause further flooding on the rivers over the roads..

Right now its just about passable but looks like a nightmare, things are set to get worse over the next few hours and im sat here feeling very vunerable wondering if I do need to get myself to hospital. Ofcourse worst coming to worse there is always the air ambulance/coastguard/RNLI guys to call on but that's a bit dramatic. We've had foul weather for weeks, flooding, roads closed, lost power several times etc, but my asthma was fairly settled so It didn't really worry me too much. Now im potentially cut off from medical support and *might* realistically need it and im feeling the full force of my fear which I know isn't going to help the situation at all.

Just needed to vent! Anyone else sat at home listening to the weather and worrying a bit? Hope you are all tucked up warm and dry xx

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Hi, i hope you have managed to get through the weekend without having to call the emergency services. I think that this weather is causing problems for many of us asthmatics. Hope you are ok



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