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Excuses for not going to A&E

Soo... I have met a lot of good friends through AUK and have been known to come up with pretty dreadful excuses for why I can't attend A&E to them ... ""I can't be bothered"" ... ""I don't have time"" and ""I have work tomorrow"" being some of the silliest!!

What excuses do you guys come up with?! :-)

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I""ve heard 'I need to iron my pyjamas first' from someone... ;)

On NYE I was wondering if I needed to do something, but have to confess that I had ordered a takeaway and decided I wasn't going anywhere till that had come and I'd eaten it! Which I did but didn't enjoy so much as breathing was sort of interfering with eating/enjoyment of eating.

Got a trip in the nice green and yellow van (111's idea not mine) and A&E on NYE, what fun. (I wasn't pushing it, wasn't *that* bad as I don't do awful attacks, I just wasn't sure and had ordered the takeaway when better lol then got worse and called 111. Would be a crime to waste a nice Persian kebab... ;) )


Oooh, Ive got a few!

I feel too ill to go to hospital. My excuse when I had a rotten cold and just wanted my own bed.

There are too many crowds waiting for the baby royal to arrive (Prince George was born at the hospital which has my favourite A+E)

I dont have any clean knickers to take *blush*!!!


my go to;s are

I'm not that bad

someone is worse off than me and needs the service more

Loving the (lack of) clean undies though



Im not going to A&E in my PJs

too tired

too ill

raining outside

got coursework to do

WE'RE HAVING AN XMAS DINNER, I CANT EAT IN A&E! (yelled at the poor 111 lady)


I'm not going to A&E I've got work tomorrow

I'm not that bad.

I'm fed up of hospitals.

It's my birthday.


I'm cuddling the dog

I've nearly finished my book

I'm playing flappy birds

I warm and can't be bothered to get changed!


Two weeks ago - your not missing your spelling test!!!!

I said to my daughter as she tries to call ambulance , roll on 8 days admittance 2 hours later


Oh I have a few hehe,

It's too late at night

The hospital is too far away

I actually want to spend a night in my own bed

I can't be bothered with the fuss

I want to have some proper food......the list goes on!

It's amazing what we can think of in these situations.


I""ve done the 'I need sleep' as well.

Taxis are expensive

Also, yes, I want proper food/I haven't got any food to take with me

We have a deadline at work

I haven't got anything to read

It's Saturday/NYE etc and A&E will be hell

I've got a party to go to

However I get the impression my cons thinks I go at the drop of a hat and would rather be there than at home/work/party etc


Hee hee, aren't we difficult to live with?

My donations are:

I just need some Covonia

I'm waiting for my Tesco delivery

Not dressed like this! I'd have to get changed

My carer is coming later to wash my hair, I couldn't go with it looking like this

vaporub might work

Dont need to go right now as I've got an appointment for elsewhere in the hospital tomorrow, no point in two trips

It's really wet outside and I'd need wellies to get to the car

I'm just a bit unfit and out of breath

If I go to a and e they'll try and make me talk and I can't manage that


Who will feed my hedgehogs?? ( and the wood mouse too!)


hehe Moominmama, I have done 'it's wet/I'd need to get changed' as well.

Can't say I've ever had the hedgehogs one... ;)

Last couple of days it's been 'my phone's broken and I need to sort out data on my iPad' (REFUSE to go anywhere without one or the other lol). Tonight it was 'my phone is being fixed and is due to be pcked up when the walk-in closes'. (It's calmed down a bit now but last 2 nights they were acting up).


Hehe I've also tried:

I've got a delivery coming I can't possibly go.

I've got to look after my brother's puppy tomorrow


Let's finish dinner first - no food in A&E. (2x whilst at a restaurant)

My house is a mess - if I get hospitalized no one will know where to find anything to bring it to me.

My computer / ipod needs to be recharged.

Calling our equivalent of 111: they sent an ambulance last week, if they hear how SOB I am on the phone, they'll do it again. It just doesn't look right to have that happen two weeks in row.

I already take up too much of people' time.

Explaining everything to the people in A&E is just too much trouble, especially if I'm SOB and tired. Besides even though I have a written summary they'll still get half of it wrong.

*They'll just shoot me up with more corticosteroids and pulmonologist and GP are trying other treatment strategies to reduce the amount of those I get exposed to.

*Too many cooks spoil the broth - i.e. pulmo, gp, and A&E folk don't always have same ideas about how to deal with my asthma.

*It's a zoo in A&E - can manage better at home.

*I need a good night's sleep. I'll deal with it in the AM.

The ones with *'s I think have some measure of truth, depending on how severe the symptoms are and how badly I'm responding to treatments I'm allowed to do at home. Obviously if I'm having severe symptoms and not responding to treatment, something needs to be done sooner rather than later. However, A&E tends to have a cookie-cutter approach to asthma attacks that doesn't always seem to mesh with what we're trying to do with my asthma. If I can wait until walk-in hours, I'll be dealing with doctors who are more able to tailor their advice to my personal situation.


Haha I am glad that I am not the only person that thinks of excuses for not going!

I have a few excuses but my fave is 'I can't be bothered putting a bra on' which tends to be my most used excuse.


any adjective preceeded by ""too"" seems to do the job for me


I love this! I've said many of them!

I have work (then they always send me because Im a nurse :/ )

I just want one more night at home

I'll miss *insert crappy tv programme*

I'm fine

A few puffs on my inhaler will sort it (after taking more than 20 already!)

Or it's just a tickly cough/cold, it's not my asthma

Whatever I use I usually don't win for long! And when I finally get there the asthma team tell me off!

Those excuses are usually followed by at least a week in hospital! I've only ever voluntarily gone once, everyone knew I must be really bad! 2 weeks in hospital with double pneumonia and PEF at 30% for days....we are all our worst enemies! But I just hate the fuss!


Haha work ended up having to phone for an ambulance for me yesterday (which was great for the children that I teach) because I used the excuse that I was being observed in maths so I couldn't go... Don't think I'm going be allowed to use that one for a while now haha


My only excuse is that

The only thing they will give me is salbutamol in a neb whish is the same thing in my inhaler so just keep puffing with each breath like a neb no need for a n e nor intensive care those are for asthmatics who have died and been rescued not for me

Than the docs will shout at me for using too much salbutamol but they always shout at me for something even for being ill


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