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Being an asthma patient, are you still working?

I have seen many organizations which have this policy that they don't allow people to work in their company if they are suffering from asthma or diabetes. Diabetic patients try to hide the symptoms by taking pills, insulin injections and keep on working until the health issues become severely bad. I don't think people should do that. Are you also doing the same? Hiding your medical problems so that you can still work?

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I'm assuming that from the way you have spelt ""organisation"" that you aren't based in the uk. Here we have laws and legislation to ensure that even those who have long term and chronic conditions are still able to work. It's not compulsory, however it is advisory to declare health conditions to an employer. Obviously it's inadvisable to accept a job which will trigger asthma, but other than that working in the uk with asthma and diabetes is perfectly normal and fine!


I'm pretty impressed by the way you noticed my spelling the word ""organization"" and not ""organisation"". Actually I'm not from UK. I got my education from US. So I speak American English. But my business is there in UK. And, thanks for the information. I have come to know that there are about 5 million people, approximately, who have asthma. So it is obvious that not all of them can be jobless. I've seen in shipping industry, people who have slightest symptoms of any disease are put to full diagnose by the medical team and on coming positive they are fired straight away.


Hi i would definitely declare as i did even though no symptoms when i started in may then come August it flared it up really bad with allergens and to be fair i not been stable since but at least employers were aware it also covers you legally x I am having disputes now as manager trying to force me out due to my health so I'm grateful i have all legal and medical backing.

just be honest. there are jobs out there we can still do x


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