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8 weeks of coughing

I have been non stop coughing since beg Dec. Been on 3 lots of sterroids and antibiotics. I have pain above my left breast I presume if a pulled muscle from the coughing. Had a chest x-ray yesterday but really fed up now. Went back to work first time today since the break-up of Christmas and came home spewing up from coughing too much ( I volunteer in a primary school so it's constant talking. Sorry , just having a rant as fed up......just need to know what this irritant is in my lungs/....

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Hi I have also been on 3 lots of penicillin and prednisilone since just before xmas with asthma chest infection and pleuritic pain on my left side, had chest x ray, I'm on ventolin and seretide my doc has now referred me to see a chest consultant at the hospital so hopefuly will get something sorted soon, I'm off work on sick at the moment so I can sympathise with you feeling fed up


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