Cough and Cold Remedies

Hi all, just wondering what all your personal remedies are for coughs and colds. I have had a cold brewing for about a week and I woke up today with a low PF of 250 which for me is very low, am now at 300, voice was gone when I woke up but it is back now. I'm not coughing anything up but I feel like there is a low of phlegm hanging around on my chest and feeling generally poo and I have a lot of revision to do. Also I have a bit of the brain fog that comes with a bad cold oh dear.

My remedies are: lemon,honey and ginger in hot water, vix in hot water with towel over and breathe in, paracetamol for the headache and lots of water. Is there anything I'm missing?

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  • Lots of rest!! Difficult with revision to do though

  • my body is resting sat down all day but my mind is not...

  • You will laugh at this... I used to live on a farm, and my neighbours who were farmers swore by this old remedy. They would peel and boil a whole onion in a pan of water as soon as they got a cold, and eat the lot (in one go), including the cooking water. It never failed to knock his cold on the head! I used to be really skeptical but from what I saw it never failed to work. Do you like onions...? ;)

  • I like onions however i don't know how much I can stomach ha, I think I may have to give it a go though nursefurby. I just had a quick google and it says: For an effect similar to detox foot pads, try cutting a piece of onion large enough to place directly on the bottom of each foot. Cover with a sock before bed and remove in the morning. Do this every night if you are experiencing flu like symptoms.

    ha! I would feel weird doing that however I do put vix on the soles of my feet, something to do with the blood flow making its way all through your body

  • well here goes nothing...... (i added a bit of ginger too)

  • I use Lemsip Max all in one, capsules. It's Decongestant, mucus thinner Guaifenesin and paracetamol. I find this really helps when things start to turn bad. Helps clear the mucus and keep your nose dry from producing more. I used to be nervous about taking these things because of the asthma, but it's fine and helps so much more when you have a cold. Take them around the clock for two or three days.

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