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colds and coughing at night - who else is suffering

Hope you are all well

Have not coughed too much in the daytime, but as soon as i put my head down for sleep the coughing begins. 2.30 in the morning the other night in the end a ventolin neb helped as was wheezing as well and i don't normally wheeze i cough

Anyone else been suffering any magic wand fixes appreciated - lol

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Ah hugs!! Hope you start to feel better soon!!

Reckon it might be an infection? There seems to be a few hardcore ones going around at the min!! I was ensconced in cost for a few days thanks to that! Just wondering with the wheezing? Perhaps see gp, as abx might be necessary?

The weather is another thing wreaking havoc with my pair - don't like the cold, wet, damp, wind or anything really! So purposely pre treating on the advice of my wonderful asthma nurse before going through any part of change on weather etc!!

Be careful, hope it improves soon xxx


I'm with Laura on this one - could it be an infection or the cold air? I've had a few weeks of bands nights and they have progressively inferred with the day too. I thought it was mainly cold air but have started on antibiotics as my GP thinks there could be an infection. I am also a cougher but a few people have heard me wheeze the last few days.

I would speak to GP. I put up with night time symptoms for nearly two weeks and now am really struggling. The advice line nurse today pointed out that I should see someone straight away as my airways would have become very inflamed in that time.

Take care


Some years ago, when my asthma was actually well controlled, Id got a terrible cold and would cough hard all night, starting just as I was nodding off. Dr told me theres a reflex 'thing' (nice and technical!) that happens as your breathing pattern changes and causes it. I found no solution other than sleeping propped up and coughing into a pillow to reduce the noise for others, but thankfully it eased as the cold went. Would def get checked for infection too. Hope you feel better soon xx


oops i'm also currently in the coughing club, and i have been for about a week now. I'm not convinced it's an infection cos i'm not coughing anything up, except a little bit first thing in the morning and it's clear (sorry tmi). I genreally hardly ever cough in the night but the last 2 nights have been awful. If it carries on over the weekend i might see if i can get a doctor's appointment on Monday


back on antibiotics ... my GP was shocked - she heard a wheeze!!! It needs recording ;-)



i don;t feel good chest is tight best pf reading 400 and that has been today still coughing might go to the doctors tomorrow. have started my steroids but still feel crap

don;t know what i am doing wrong


You aren't doing anything ""wrong"" - sometimes lungs are just that way - they act up. Hope you are feeling better soon.


Hi I'm a newbie , on my second course of antibiotics and steroids in a week also been given a nebuliser to use while so poorly feel really ill this time headache n feeling sick especially if eaten if I don't choke to death while eating ,

Hope you all are feeling bit better fingers crossed we all be well enough soon to enjoy the festive time ahead


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