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Asthma probs on holiday down under

Dear all

My partner and I are currently on a holiday of a lifetime down under and are approaching our final few days in New Zealand. Everything was fine until a few days ago when we reached South Island. My partner has asthma coupled with hay fever which is usually very manageable back home in the uk ( she takes inhaler morning and nighttime ) but here in South Island NZ she has been finding herself regularly short of breath giving rise to panic. We are wondering if it's the particular type of pollen here or just that there is simply much more of it. We have seen medical people twice. (A doc and a nurse ) but we aren't much close to getting to bottom of it, has anyone else had any similar experiences or able to shed any more light?

Thanks so much all


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I live in Auckland and the hay fever season has just hit. The hot weather has also started early. On top of that, during the past week it has been pretty humid and my lungs haven't been happy. Hope your partner gets sorted soon. The pollen is pretty strong here. Hubby and son suffer with hay fever here in NZ but both agree that it doesn't last as long as it ever did in the UK. X Sue


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