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peak flow - how often

I had asthma as a child, though 'grew out of it' and have not used any inhalers for years.

Though have had times where I have had persistent wheezy coughs that have usually passed on their own without much issue.

More recently though I have been having mild issues with breathing, still nothing major, but enough to annoy me. Mostly just a feeling of not being able to get a good deep breath. I have a peak flow meter at home and thought it may be worth tracking my pf while awaiting an appointment with GP.

how often should I check it?

first thing in the morning and in the evening?


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Yes, first thing in the morning and again in the evening is good. Also, any time you're experiencing symptoms or have any difficulty with you breathing.


thanks thats what i thought :)


so far pf is....

pm 370 am 300 pm 350 am 320

always do best of 3

I think for my age and height pf should be around 430 though know this can vary and not 'set in stone' so to speak


I think for my age and height pf should be around 430 though know this can vary and not 'set in stone' so to speak

It is also a good idea to check pf now and again when you are feeling really good. That way you can get a sense of your personal best. As you say - the predicted valus aren't set in stone. Age and height benchmarks are only a guide - there is too much variation from person to person to use them as a measure of what is good or not - what may be good for you might be bad for another. What might be bad for you might be goo for another.


I do morning and evening - mainly cause I'm on Xolair and it's a stipulation at my hosp that you check them twice a day and then record them for their records. I tend to use my digital one which keeps a record of them, and then put them into my computer at the end of the month!


I tend to check mine a couple of times a day. Offer pre and post treatment to see how well I've responded. I often find first thing in the morning is much lower than if I do it later on, also evening is often lower than tea time.

To give myself an idea of where I should be aiming for with pf I do it if I feel particularly well, also I do it if ill, helps to decide the level of treatment to do (just inhalers or is it time to do nebs?), or if it's going to be necessary to get help.

Sounds like I do it a hell of a lot, but it's necessary and asked for by my cons, though not doing it atm as it makes me cough!

Hope this helps! Laura x


I do mine 4-6 times a day, occasionally adding extras if Im really struggling. I had been doing morning and night but I was getting a fairly straight line which wasnt reflecting the chaotic brittleness of my asthma, so my resp nurse suggested I do it more often and more irregularly. Its certainly helped highlight how things are as it now looks like a drawing of the Alps!


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