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Hi al I had my gp this morning who said my chest sounded very tight and there was a wheeze there yet my sat were good at 99% which is what confuse me, my blood results were ok thought indicated i was fighting off a infection, which we knew as i on antibiotics. he said he didn't think I was ready to go back to work tho he did sign me a phase to work for 3 hrs a day office duties only but in dx he wrote life threatening asthma. I have to be reviewed again in a weeks time for the second week. :-( . Then saw my consultant this lunchtime he said to stay on %o mg this week whilst getting over infection but this time next week to be back to 40 mg pred til he sees me in a months time unless I need to see before though i don't feel as comfortable speaking with him. My peak flow levels dropped when on 40 tho i think that maybe because of the infection? tho never been below 40 since Augustas I tried but my body couldn't deal with it. He said I not fit for work til i get over the infection then tp do phase to work which i should get to full time in a few weeks yt gp not so optimistic, the gp gave a good listen in and everything yet consultant never even examined me or took full details down. it was as if i=he couldn't get patients out quick enough. though he did ask re reps nurses i said i can never gt hold of them so now he says to ring his secretary when this happens. I just so fed up of feeling sick i been ill really since August. with two admissions since then for long stays. I am seeing yet another specialist for my Severe brittle asthma which is uncontrolled or as my consultant words t difficult asthma but my first appointment not til Jan. I so frustrated i trying to keep old of my job which i worry about losing as need to work for financial reasons. bt health getting in way :-(. Hate feeling this way i feel so alone

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