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oxygen dropping

Ish sats since the start, but fairly up and down with stmpk, so this is just a bit of a. 'How asthma works' kind of post. Basically I've been stuck in costa for a few days, and had low-ish sats on and off, fluctuating with symptoms, going back to normal after nebs/mg/hydro type stuffs. Since getting over the acute stuff my o2 has been consistently 93% or lower, dropping to high 80s when I move around. Thing is, my breathing feels perfectly reasonable, certainly felt worse than this without my sats dropping. I don't think I have a chest infection (had cxray this am and noone has said anything) and I can't think why I'd feel normal whilst needing o2. I deffo notice when I take it off, and for things like showering I need to take it, but its just generally SOB, not wheezy and just seems a bit strange to me, wondered if anyone had any thoughts? I want it to stop asap, I hate o2!! Thanks guys xxx

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Hi Sophie,

I'm very new to all of this, only just got more severe in recent months - it's been a massive learning curve but am still a newbie so don't have any useful advice, sorry, but I can do sympathy and hugs!

The change in the weather, wet, cold, damp and windy, dispersing all those moulds and fungi, seem to be affecting some of us at the moment. I'm told that diagnostics, interpretation in our condition is more of an art than a science, given how unique we all are, but I do hope someone there can find some time to answer your questions. It's frustrating to have to be our own advocate and expert.

A big hug, I hope you get off the O2 very soon.


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