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Should I find a new GP

I went to register with a new doctors on Tuesday and as part of the process I had to have a medical with a health care assistant.

I'm now left wondering if I have chosen the correct doctors or made a huge mistake.

I am 40 and I was diagnosed with asthma at about the age of 7, Between the age of 7 & 14 I spent about four weeks every year hospitalised with my asthma, until my recent house move my asthma has more or less been under control baring the sudden weather changes.

I moved house and regional area a few months ago and had not registered with a new doctors since moving, needless to say I have been neglecting my medical treatment and been nicking my dads inhalers (with his consent) as we are on the same ones. but as it's coming winter I thought I should address the situation.

My medical was at 7pm in the evening and on arrival I was suffering from effects of asthma after walking to the surgery in the cold evening air and then sitting in a stiflingly hot consulting room.

After asking the typical questions family history etc the health care assistant asked if I was sure I had asthma as it could be something else like panic attacks!?!

Is she even qualified to make this assessment based solely on sitting in the same room as me?

Would this put anyone else off joining a practice?



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At risk of sounding like a snob, but it's not intended, this person is *only* a HCA and while the work that they do is very important, they don't have the training, knowledge or understanding of medicine like a doctor has. They may have been being flippant or genuinely thought so, but either way it doesn't matter what they think, it's what the GPs at the surgery think.

I changed gp practices a while ago as I felt uncomfortable with my old practice, but it was for complex reasons. When I registered with my new gp it was because I needed an appointment that day as was bad due to my asthma and trying to avoid an admission. At my surgery, when I ask for an apt with the nurse I get an apt with one of the GPs anyway.

What I'm saying (from my waffle ;-) ) is don't be too hasty in changing, give them the benefit of the doubt if you can. If you're still unhappy after the weekend, perhaps see if you can get an appointment with a gp to discuss your concerns?

Hope this helps! Laura


You will probably never have to see the HCA again, they will just be booking the new patient checks. Its what your GP is like that counts, and they could turn out to be fantastic, so I would hold fire and not throw the baby out with the bathwater ;) It takes time to build a relationship with a new GP, so maybe book an appointment with them and see what you think?


Well I'll give it a try. I have an appointment with a doctor Tuesday as I couldn't book an asthma review until Nov 21st




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