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Night-time problems

I'm a 50 year old male & have had asthma for most of my life, albeit mostly very mildly. My only symptoms (as long as I avoid smoke & perfume) are a very irritated chest if I fall asleep sitting up or lying on my back; if I fall asleep sitting in the chair I quite literally wake gasping & wheezing & this has been the case for many years, it then takes a while before the irritation subsides. I also find it impossible to lie on my back for long without struggling to get my breath, I'm aware that this can also be a symptom of heart disease & although I'm on Blood Pressure Meds my GP says I'm fine.

I just wondered if anyone else has similar symptoms with standard (is there such a thing) asthma, its not something I have seen talked about - is it just me?

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Welcome, Spicy.

The Global Initiative on Asthma (GINA - see , p. 9) guidelines list night symptoms as a measure of asthma control/lack of control.

If simply avoiding sleeping in a chair helps, then maybe that is the solution? If not, and other things like heart issues have been ruled out, it might be worth discussing this with your GP from the point of asthma. A sleep study to rule out sleep apnea might also be worthwhile discussing with your GP.


Both my father and myself have had this problem from time to time, we find propping ourselves up with the v shaped pillows helps.


nights aredef the worse for me i too have to be propped up or i cant breathe properly. x


hi i sleep propped up with my pillow wedge especially at moment got a chest infection which does not want to leave me lol

i wish it would


i sleep propped up during bad periods and drink lots of water to keep hydrated (but this means I have to go toilet alot too).


Search SLEEPING POSITIONS and try sleeping on your stomach with a thin cushion or folded soft towel instead of a pillow, it may stop saliva getting into your lungs,


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