Been asked to look after a cat


I have asthma and after a couple of rough years have been more stable for the last 12 months or so. I was discharged from the asthma clinic back to my GP around six months ago.

We don't currently have pets and I don't think I am particularly triggered by animals (I grew up with a pet dog), but I am happy with us not having a pet because I don't want to add in an unnecessary trigger.

Our friends have asked us to look after their cat for a few months (unclear how long) due to their circumstances changing. I have said yes but I'm actually pretty worried about how it will affect my asthma. I've never had a major problem with cats although at work when I've been to some houses with cats I've been wheezy. But not at others, so it may be a coincidence.

Don't really know what I'm looking for. Reassurance or advice maybe? I don't want to let our friends down and I like their cat it is just that if my asthma worsens I don't want to have to keep the cat!

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  • Hi Em,

    Good news that you're more in control now, hope it stays that way! Hmm tricky one. Could you spend a bit of time at your friends' house while the cat is there (maybe on separate occasions to test properly), to see if you react? Think you could explain that though you'd be very happy to look after their cat you just want to check it won't be a problem asthma-wise as you don't want to be in the position of finding out after it's too late to make other arrangements!

  • HI, some people will react to some cats but not others I go to college with someone who only reacts to female cats also cats fur differs from cat to cat so maybe you only react to certain fur types crazy as it sounds 2 of my 7 are from the same litter and their fur feels different.

    I agree with Philomela it wold be a really good idea if you could go and spend sometime with the cat just to see if you react to the little furball and also it might be a good idea to check that you're ok with the brand of cat litter they use as some are dustier than others

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