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Just downloaded Asthmasense app as thought I'd try it; been using Asthmatrack which is ok and helps cons but has a couple of annoying features and Asthmasense was recommended somewhere.

Anyone else on here use this and is there a user guide? I went into view journal and it's stuck - there's apparently no way to get back to settings, enter reading etc etc! Not impressed so far if it's going to do this. How has anyone else found it?)

Also - what is Wheeze Rate Percentage? Even if I did wheeze, how would I know what percentage of the time that was? Certainly puts the lie to ex-cons's assertion that a wheeze loud enough to hear without a stethoscope is not an asthma wheeze. Either that, or this app is REALLY sophisticated and has attached wireless microphones to my chest without me noticing lol. (Well, it would be pretty much the only way to catch me wheezing...).

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The percentage of your breathing time spent wheezing is called your WheezeRATE™. Monitoring your WheezeRATE can help you determine if your wheezing is stable, increasing, or decreasing.

A WheezeRATE that is elevated or increasing can be a sign that you need to use your rescue inhaler or contact your physician. Exercise, weather, climate, use of medication or exposure to allergens also may affect your WheezeRATE.

With regular monitoring of your WheezeRATE, you will learn more about your asthma. And better knowledge can lead to better asthma control.

From their FAQ's


From what understood when I had this app, it was a piece of kit you could buy, essentially a microphone which you hold near your throat and it gives you a reading. I haven't found an app yet, that has been entirely useful, I thibk this came closest though.


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