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Medical Simulator About Asthma

This is a medical simulator about Asthma that works through Unity Web Browser. I have made it to help explain medical vernacular to the general public and its still very much work in progress. It is native to Google Chrome but if you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and so on you will have to click a little install file, much like installing flash.

WHY HAVE I MADE IT? I get this question a lot, I have grown up seeing my older sister suffer from the disease so I saw firsthand how horrible and quickly the condition can attack. Being a 3D computer games artist I thought I would use my skills for something useful. I hope you like, I know its rough but if I had more time I could really make this look great but such is life as I have a full time job and mouths to feed :)

When it's complete this non-profit research project will be free for anyone to have, download and it will be totally open source for anyone to develop any aliments such as obesity, cancer, heart disease, strokes and so on. I have been given permission from the National Health Service to take information from their website for this project and I have until mid-December to refine the prototype as a proof of concept.

Website link to project – MEDICAL BROWSER

Asthma Web Browser

This prototype is a proof of concept and it will take a little bit longer for me to finish as I am doing it after working hours, hence the 1.00am post. So if anyone would like to help or has any ideas on the direction for this project then I would love to hear them. I hope to get it up on its own website soon, so if anyone has any ideas or would like to help in anyway then please feel free to do so, I am not a graphic designer as you can all see.

I am a firm believer that serious games can have a very positive effect for the health of society. As Unity Web Player can be viewed anywhere in the world I believe it’s the right platform for this project.

I would like to add a tutorial on how to inhale properly and add the different pharmaceutical options but i only have one pair of hands :)

I would be more then happy to take on your thoughts and ideas.

Best Wishes,

Neil Gallagher

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What do you think it needs?

Is it interesting, does an interactive web browser about Asthma give anything extra for you?

Medical browser

Would love to know your thoughts.

Best Wishes,



I am considering adding a patient selection of possible treatment options by adding the pharmaceutical options for the condition of Asthma, what do you think?


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