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Is it the weather?

Hi, I feel as if all the energy has been sucked out of me!

It's been a nice sunny day but it was quite damp this morning. I got sob just putting some play equipment out at work this morning and needed extra puff of symbicort, since then my chest and upper back aches and find it difficult to string a sentence together it keeps coming out muddled and I've been rather clumsy.

Has anybody felt like this after being sob? I. Still quite new to world of asthma so I'm sorry if my post sounds a bit stupid.

Lisa x

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Hi lisaA

I know what you mean the weather can affect me as well i feel stuffy when the weathers like this i usually have a puff of my inhaler and it helps.

I am also new to asthma only been diagnosed in may so still have loads to work out lol

Not to bad today buy yesterday had to put air con on

Hugs fluffy


My lungs aren't coping with the temp changes. Had a few good days when it was settled (before reacting v badly to smoke), but now really struggling again. Seem to get very gunky and stroppy lungs with temp changes and a lot of infections.

Hope things settle soon! X


Thank you, pleased I'm not alone, just when you think you are settled something else always tips the scales! Hope our lungs start to behave very soon x


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