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Clinic visit coming up

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but I'm sure there are people here with the same problems as me.

Having just had my CT scan to check for bronchiectasis and my clinic visit coming up. What would happen if the CT was clear?

I'm forever being told that X-Rays are clear, my chest is clear while I lie there struggling to breathe and struggling to bring up copious amounts of phlegm and on the 10th set of antibiotics for yet another infection.

Would they still treat me for the mucus build up in the same way they would for bronchiectasis?

Don't get me wrong, I don't want that condition but all the symptoms point to it. I just want them to treat it so I can start feeling better and hopefully reduce some of the asthma meds I am on.

yup, you guessed it, I'm a paranoid mess...


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I think when you are waiting for test results your mind is preparing you for every eventuality. I was the same for each of my tests. I think you want it to be normal but you also want to find out why you feel so awful.

I had clear results for a ct scan (and just about every other test except for low gas exchange) and they continued to treat my symptoms.


I've just been told I may need to have a ct scan after yet another infection this winter (have had 6 weeks of antibiotics and am now on another 2). Feel very similar to you. If I have one, will it show anything? If it does, what will it be? I will be relieved in a way if something is found and very frustrated if not. Strange and annoying place to be. Hope you get sorted soon. X Sue


I think it's pretty common to have CTs done - I had one last week. According to Soph it's to rule out things like aspergillosis which is a fungus or something which presents like asthma. Can't remember exactly what she said tho.

I think it's to rule out rather than conclude.

Try not to stress :-). X


Thanks everyone, I guess I just need to go with the flow. It's easy when I feel well. Not so easy now!


James if you are bad before don't let the fact you have an apt coming up stop you doing something before!

My lungs are always perfect at clinic apts and make me feel a fraud! They act as though the 90% of the time they are evil doesn't exist!


I know how that feels.

I can have a PF of 550, oxygen sat of 99%, no wheeze, no gurgling but I feel terrible.

Don't worry, I have been to the GP several times since getting out of hospital and have my nebs now so that helps.

I feel sufficiently rubbish that I'm getting my money's worth!


If its any help, I got out of hosp the other day - in resus my pulse ox was 98% yet had horrendous ABGs - with O2 sats on there being 74%! The only answer the a&e consultant had was because I had such a high resp rate!

I'm also a non wheezer (when really ill anyway!), would be nice to make the right noises sometimes eh?


It certainly would.

I think GPs and consultants should give patients a pound everytime they say 'your chest sounds clear' !


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