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Choosing a new GP

So...exciting news is, I've just been offered a job! In London though, and I don't live there or in commuting distance of the job, so I'll be moving - starting at the end of Sept.

This means I need to find a new GP (cons is already in London).

My current one has been amazing - the practice staff are always helpful and I've had 2 lovely GPs who get that I'm not exactly typical and have been really supportive and good at listening, even when they don't know what to do with me. But I knew they were good because I currently live where I went to uni and this was my uni practice so I just went back to them when I moved back. The ones before that in London I just picked at random as at that point I didn't have all this stuff to deal with so basically never saw them when I was choosing and didn't really think it mattered where I went.

Nw though I am slightly worried about changing - needs to be done, obviously, but I'm still feeling my way with my consultant and have found a supportive GP is necessary. I understand they might not always know how to help but I don't want someone who is going to be extremely textbook or dismissive, or expect consistency with wheezes/PF/pull the anxiety card etc.

But how do I know until I've already signed up with the practice? I have an idea there might be reviews on the NHS website (I found a great dentist this way but my teeth are uncomplicated); is there a trial period or anything, or any way of finding out what they're actually like?

A good asthma nurse who is open minded and who I can run things past (I know some people on here have great ones at their GP practices) would be a bonus especially if GPs have long waiting times - no way to find that out in advance though.

It might not be that hard but I am keen to get this right as I've found it's so important to have a good GP to keep things anchored when cons have been less helpful. I'd like to maximise my chances f of getting one but not sure if I can!

Hearing from others on here who I'm sure have similar needs as rather more frequent flyers than the average would be really helpful - thanks!

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Congratulations Philomela!! How exciting!

Unless someone on here can recommend a good GP in London I think you have to have an appt with a GP to judge how they are with 'non-classic' asthma. I would probably focus on how easy it is to get a same-day appt or if they have a walk-in clinic nearby.

I have never looked at online reviews of surgeries so that would be interesting to hear how you get on with that. Also, I have never had a GP with a special interest in asthma, is that an idea?

Good luck and let us know how you get on. Shame you can't take your 2 good GPs with you.


Congratulations on your new job offer it is a very exciting time for you.

Good luck with finding a new GP.


You could try ringing the practices which will be in your new area and asking if any of the gp's specialize in asthma.

When I was at uni in north London is was extremely lucky that one of the gp's at my practice did this and he was amazing.



Well don on the new job chick!

GPs in London... I really would look on the NHS site, then phone a few and talk to them. You should be able to get a little of a feel from that phone call. I had some fab experiences and some not so good ones too.

Geina xx


Thanks everyone! Need to find somewhere to LIVE first...may have to do temporary to keep me in medication if I can't find somewhere soon.

I don't mind if they have a specialist interest or not (I won't see the one at current practice as he is a bit useless) but it would be somewhere to start.


Just wanted to say congrats on the job. Any idea of where you want to live in London?


Just wanted to say congrats on the job. Any idea of where you want to live in London?

London is where I usually am when I'm not in Israel - though unfortunately I don't have any suggestions about doctors and practices - in recent years I'm usually only there for short visits to see my father.


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