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Trying to find ""living on a knife's edge"" on the asthma site

Can anyone help us find the above which I was going to be featured as the once a year campaign, and a guy came down to Bournemouth to take lots of pics. etc.

But the press I believe didnt use it ??

I'm Ruth and was advised to move out of the UK; otherwise my Quality & Life expectancy would be serverly effected.

So I have found Crete suits me much better.

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Hello Ruth.

I think this report is what you are looking for? I do not know about the once a year campaign or the press use and photos as forum moderators are not Asthma UK employees. You could try contacting or see the Contact Us section of the website.

Good to hear Crete suits you. Your asthma is better there?

TJ (forum moderator)

P.S. Your website link has been removed as it is against forum terms and conditions 'advertising commercial products or services'


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