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Full Blood Count retest

I have had my blood taken for tests many times before and never had any problems (so never really bothered knowing what they're for).

I just rang up for some results and my full blood count is apparently a little abnormal (I spoke to receptionist not doc) and they want me to go back in 2 weeks for a retake... it is a long time away and if something is up with me I don't want more attacks in the mean time.

Has anyone else had this?

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Hey Unigirl

I wouldn't worry too much about it, if your results were of concern then the lab that processed your sample would contact the gp and they would then get in touch with you. I suspect that probably one of the results is a little bit off and they want to see whether it will just sort itself out.

Hope that helps

Becca Xx


I agree with Becca. A blood test is a tiny snapshot of a specific time, they will just want to retest to see if its an ongoing issue before doing anything - if indeed anything is needed.


thank you both. its just that I thought they were checking me for infection and ""come back"" isnt a very clear result. If I have infection I'm worried i'll get worse but then again im the worrying type


Hey I think if ur blood test showed signs of infection they would probably have given u antibiotics. Are u on pred at the moment? X


the thing is i was prescribed antibiotics but doc said she would ring if I needed to take them. Guess I'm just worried I've fell through the system. I am just off a 5day course of pred but I had an attack whilst on it and feeling terrible at the moment, barely able to leave the house.


Ah I see that's rubbish! Yeah I've been housebound this week too it makes the time feel soooo long!

I would maybe phone and ask to speak to a dr and ask them and explain that you still feel rotten, also ask about maybe continuing pred too?!

I hope you feel better soon Xx


they're *usually* pretty good if something needs to be done - and if it was an asthmatic showing signs of infection then im sure theyd have you seen again promptly! i wonder if its like iron a tad low, or U&Es just slightly off - thats the kind of thing i usually have when they want a re-test in a few weeks. I think as well with girls esp we can be a bit anemic at certain times of the month and so no point doing iron tabs if its a monthly thing that will sort itself! Whenever i've had something worrying in my bloods (admittedly always done by hosp - but GPs can get you sent straight to hosp) then they've always had me back in the same day to get sorted! Also - if you are going to worry about it then im sure you'd be able to ring and ask which result it was - they usually know at reception and once you know its nothing you can stop having to think about it - its a nightmare when your brain decides to focus on something silly - when my breathing is bad i always end up worrying about something different to avoid thinking about lungs - once had a row with a para coz i decided it was 100% essential that the cats had fresh water before i went in an ambulance - i was crying all the way there convinced the cats were going to die having old water in the bowl - hehehe! silly brain!


this does make me feel better. If I have a night as painful as last night (pretty much zero sleep) I think I will try and get seen again. thats so funny soph, as if!!

Becca, in regards to pred, I have more prescribed but I'm not allowed it for at least a week as they don't want me to end up worse when I come off it.


Yeah I think that is a good idea if ur still feeling rough, having stroppy lungs is bad enough but stroppy lungs and tiredness is just so much worse!

Lol Soph that is funny, it's amazing what we see as important when there is a lack of O2 circulating hehe Xx


I get hung up on stupid stuff too ... One time my pjs HAD to be ironed to perfection. I also won't leave the house til my phone is fully charged.

Another thing is ... I refuse to listen to the tellings off so listen to music and cry ridiculously about ABGs


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