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What should I expect now?

about 4month's ago I had a flare-up which saw me, seeing my wonderful asthma nurse.

I was told to recorded my PF, lowest has been 250, highest 370 (though that's debatable, due to stickness)

Was put on 6 puffs of my clenil inhaler rather than 4 puffs, and told that if I get the slightess breathlessness to use my reliever. Which is seeing my use it almost daily something I've haven't been doing since my diagnosis. I've even had to use it at night. Thanks to my asthma dog waking me up. The dog is my border collie, who sleeps in my room, and has developed the habit of waking me, when my breathing changes. For which she does get rewarded.

However the situation hasn't changed, so what should I expect to happen, when I return to see the nurse at the end of September?

I'm waiting that long as the nurse felt a long duration on the increase, would tell if the increase is working or not.


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