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After it was mentioned in a post the other day, I thought I'd say that last night i had a struggling to breathe dream ....something along the lines of going deep sea diving, only my air supply started to get cut off, anyway I normally stay asleep but last night I woke up and was actually struggling. I had an extremely tight chest and was having to use a lot of force to actually empty my lungs, anyway my pf was 280, that's only 49% for me! What's interesting is that I didn't wake until it was that low, do there's no wonder when I have asthma dreams and don't wake up, that I feel tired and drained!

Fortunately o eventually got it under control, and don't feel too bad this morning!

Ps Philomela if you read this, after you mentioned peak flow and doing it like blowing out candles, I get more reproducible results and the tend to reflect how im feeling a bit more, so thank you!

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Oh dear! Good job you woke yourself up or you might not feel so clever today. When you said your PF was 280 I was thinking ""oh thats not too bad"" but I didn't realise it was 49%. Its crazy how different all our normal PFs are, I've blown 380 a few times last summer when I was feeling peachy but not seen it since. 350 is my usual. Anyway 49% is not good! Glad to hear you're feeling OK.

I had my recurring dream again last night (I mentioned it on the other post if you read it). It wasn't necessarily an asthma dream, I have them too. Anyway I was lay on my front and couldn't breathe and I'm around 70% sure I woke up and air wouldn't go in or out. When I feel like this I can't turn myself over as I feel too weak to move(or I am asleep! I really don't know) But all of a sudden my lungs let up and I managed to turn myself over and breathe again. Don't know whats really going on there :S Maybe I just shoudln't ever sleep on my front but I roll over in my sleep. Feeling a tad funny today, probably a duvet day for meeeeee.


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