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Ferraris PiKo-6 & KoKo Peak Pro6 software for PC?

Found a pair of Ferraris branded electronic lung heath monitors in the back of a cupboard. A PiKo-6 and a KoKo Peak Pro6. Bought a couple of 357 batteries and both monitors appear to work.

Both devices appear to have IR interfaces. However, a web search for Ferarris didn't find any information that might lead to software that might be available for download. I suspect that they may have changed name, merged or disappeared for some other reason.

Is anyone using either of these devices to upload data to a computer? Otherwise it's back to the Mini-Wright and typing ...

I also have a Fitbit One which uploads data via Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy. Does anyone have experience with Bluetooth lung heath monitors such as the Vitalograph Asma-1 Bluetooth or similar?

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Manufacturers of Piko will sell you the IR equipment necessary to connect to PC and download data - I bought it a few years ago.


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