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yucky sunday

Well i expect my asthma to play up every sunday - i laugh about it saying it's self-inflicted cos i go running AND swimming before i go to church so inevitably i spend most of the Mass coughing cos i'm also trying to play my flute - i know i'm stupid but i know what i'm doing.

Today was worse. Partly it's because i haven't been running for 2 weeks so i thought i might struggle but the worst bit is because the floor in church near where the music group sits has been painted this week. I think they bought the smelliest / fumiest (think i've just made that word up hehe) paint they could find!! Apparently it was painted on wednesday but from the fumes it was giving off it could easily have been done yesterday! I was struggling to breathe easily for most of the Mass and was convinced it was the paint but when i went into the sacristy afterwards and could instantly breathe easier i KNEW.

What made it even worse was that i had to go back in the afternoon for an extra Mass - Jamie Carragher's daughter (of LFC fame) is in our parish school and was making her first communion & confirmation today and she had her own mass in the afternoon. Knowing what affect the floor had had on e in the morning i took a couple of puffs of reliever before i went in. We couldn't go in straight away so i was outside gabbing to Sue and was perfectly fine, within a few minutes of sitting in the painted area i was coughing again :-(

Haven't felt right most of the afternoon / evening but everything finally seems to be settling down properly now, hopefully i'll sleep ok and i reckon i'll be fine tomorrow :-)

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Oh dear, sounds like your poor lungs have had enough today!! Hope things are better today when they're not getting hammered with triggers lol xxx


well i'm pleased to report an uneventful day as far as my lungs are concerned :-)


Glad to hear things are looking up, jinglefairy.


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