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Odd episode

Just wondering whether anyone has ever experienced anything like this.

I was a bit upset last night and was trying not to cry. My friend suddenly said that it looked as if I was hardly breathing. When I tried to take deep breaths I couldn't and it was a while before I could speak, but I wasn't breathless like I've been before when I had an attack. I felt as if I just couldn't breathe and I was taking only tiny shallow breaths. After a while I relaxed enough to be able to speak but I hadn't had any ventolin because I thought I was just upset. After a little while my chest still felt tight, so I had a couple of puffs of ventolin and it eased off a bit. After 6 puffs I felt loads better but really hadn't realised how tight I was.

Does anyone else have attacks where they just go really quiet and are hardly breathing?

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Interesting you should mention this, yesterday I visited my parents and whilst I was with them my Dad said to me you are quiet, is your chest tight.

Like you I was not breathless like I usually am, I just put it down to the weather and pollens, I did use my Bricanyl reliever and it eased.

I hope you are OK today.


Hey spookymilo, I can kind of relate to this. It happens if I actually cry or try to stop myself from crying, but I get a weird pain/tightness in my throat, and I get a lot of mucus on my chest too. As you say, I'm not short of breath, just short shallow breaths. Weird isn't it!?!


I actually had something similar on wednesday night, I think it was due to it being really stuffy in my bedroom but I felt as though I was only able to take small breaths, Ive had it a couple of times before as well, where i am unable to take a deep breath but normally a couple of puffs on my inhaler sorts it out



Yes it is odd, I know I usually have problems after crying which makes sense, but I actually hadn't realised that I was hardly breathing until my friend said and tried to get me to take deep breaths, which I couldn't do. It's very humid this evening, feeling quite tight again and have painful ribs which is always a sign that I've been struggling.


This happens to me on occasion. Usually if I am stressed at work. I find that breathing exercises really help if you can notice it coming on x x


I have Brittle Asthma and this happens to me (usually between 2300 and 0500) when my PF plummets. Normally it is in the low 500s, but at night (usually) it can drop to around 150; then I just have to sit very quietly until my PF rises. Salbutamol doesn't take effect for more than an hour as I've had to use large doses for around seventeen years. :-(

Mind you, things could get worse and I could stop breathing............ ;-)


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